Building and Investing In
The Health And Wellness
Of The Brandon Community

bringing individuals, commerce, and organizations together in the Brandon Community to develop safe and healthy wellness environments in the best interest of the most people, for the most good, over the longest time as possible
What could a group of well-intentioned, community minded people do if they came together to better our community?

- John Semchenko, Board President

The Vision

Develop and establish a center to encourage and facilitate wellness in the citizens of the Brandon Community


The Plan

Partner with individuals, commerce, and organizations to assess the needs to develop a wellness plan for the benefit of the community

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YOU are an important part of this vision. Stay engaged. Contribute. Share what you are learning with community members and potential partners.

The Vision


Brandon Wellness

Brandon Wellness, Inc. is a non-profit charitable corporation whose mission is to Build and Invest in Health and Wellness of the Brandon Community.


Brandon – The Brandon Community is a unique place and includes the City of Brandon, South Dakota, as a small town that grew big and fast, and surrounding areas. The small town atmosphere and quality school district attracts people to the Brandon community, while it’s proximity to the amenities and opportunities of Sioux Falls has fueled and limited its growth.


Wellness – In general, our activities involve development, oversight and implementation to promote wellness in personal, civic, cultural, educational, recreational, and leisure activities within the community. We seek to make decisions that are in the best interest of the most people, for the most good, over the longest time as possible.


Center – Specifically, one aspect of Brandon Wellness is to explore, develop and establish a Center for all citizens of the community for the benefit of community wellness. The Center is intended to provide a safe and healthy environment to encourage and facilitate wellness in the citizens of the community.


Community – We are devoted to partnering with individuals, commerce, agencies, organizations, and institutions to provide a diverse number of programs to meet the wellness needs of the community and to maintain a safe and healthy environment in which to enjoy those programs for the benefit of the community.

The Plan


The Health And Wellness
Of The Brandon Community

We like to say that there are 5 reasons for building this complex: November. December. January. February. March.

- Mike Bergst, Board Member

Advisory Board of Local Community Influencers

Met with 22 local community and business influencers on January 25, 2022, to gauge their interest, with an overwhelmingly positive response.

Consultant Relationships

Work with a consultant and formed forward looking strategic relationship. Established very positive dialog with multiple construction, design, and marketing companies who are interested in working for us and investing in the movement.


Incorporated with the State of SD, February 2022. Registered as a 501c3 charitable organization with the IRS. Established a checking account at First National Bank in Brandon and are receiving founding donations.

Ongoing Partnerships

Met with city staff and officials in regards to the potential of developing land in Aspen park. Received a unanimous vote of support from the Brandon City Council and Park Board to pursue a community wellness complex at Aspen Park.

Preliminary drawings developed based on ongoing Community input.

Developed a preliminary concept drawing based on ongoing surveys, conversations with community members, and innovative structure design companies.

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Current Partners

The L.Y.N.X. Podcast

Join us for real, genuine conversations with your neighbors of Brandon, South Dakota. Each week features a guest who will share their story of why they chose to make Brandon their home and what the community means to them.


BASA Soccer Assoc

BASA is a non-profit organization formed to promote, foster, and perpetuate the game of soccer for players in kindergarten through high school. BASA is a member of South Dakota Youth Soccer Association (SDYSA).


City of Bandon

The City of Brandon strives to create an environment for its citizens to build a better life by using resources wisely, managing growth and providing quality services in a safe and professional manner. The City Council voiced their support for Brandon Wellness at the March 21, 2022 Council Meeting.

Sunshine Food Stores

Sunshine Foods is locally-owned and locally-involved! They believe in community involvement and supporting one another. A local community connection for high-quality foods, friendly service, and great prices, they are a family-owned store offering a convenient one-stop shop where you can find everything you need from the everyday essentials to specialty items from around the world.

Brandon Parks Logo_FINAL

Brandon Parks Department

The City of Brandon maintains eight parks and 178 acres of public green space for you to enjoy and explore. The Parks and Recreation Department also operates the public pool and a fun Summer Recreation Program for kids.

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Address: PO Box 904, Brandon, SD 57005

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